Feather River Walk and Wade Guided Fly Fishing Trip
Feather River Walk and Wade Guided Fly Fishing Trip
Feather River Walk and Wade Guided Fly Fishing Trip
Feather River Walk and Wade Guided Fly Fishing Trip

Feather River Walk and Wade Guided Fly Fishing Trip

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The Feather River in California is known for two things: the excellent wild rainbow trout fishing it provides and its natural, scenic beauty. The section of the Feather River that we fish is from Clio/Graeagle, CA area, through "the canyon", to just below Cresta Dam. It all depends on the time of the year. Yes, that's a lot of water but that's what is so great about the Feather River! You will have plenty of areas to explore to find solitude,  see amazing canyon views, and hook into awesome wild rainbow trout. We consider this river to be in the Lost Sierras of Plumas County and it's a awesome fishery. 

Historically, the Feather River basin was initially inhabited by the Maidu tribe, although there is evidence to suggest that the Paiute and Washoe tribes had settlements in the area before being driven out by white settlers.

This is a freestone river so there is no dam to control the amount of water above Quincy. Some years, the water can maintain proper height and temperatures to fish into July. This is all dependent on the snowpack. We stop fishing this water shed when the water temps get to be around 65-67 degrees in the day(usually mid June) to leave the trout alone until the temps start to cool back down in mid September. 

Walk and wade trips consist of hiking on the river banks to find runs that hold fish. Waders and wading boots are suggested for most of the year but once the water gets warm enough, wet wading can be had. 

  • A full day is usually 7-8 hours. This trip includes lunch, drinks, flies, fly rods, and reels.
  • A half day is usually 4-5 hours. Half days do not include lunch but do include drinks, flies, fly rods, and reels. It is suggested that you bring snacks during a half day trip. 
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