Collection: Trout Wrangler Collection

A trout wrangling bad ass. This graphic was made by one of our powerful women friends, Alyssa Gilman.

We made some hoodies, long sleeves, tees, and stickers to celebrate this bad ass.

Find her on Instagram here:

“I’m Alyssa, My favorite strategy to cope with the crushing weight of existence has been art in multiple mediums, and eating my weight in pandesal. Mostly my interest is in illustrations and paintings but on occasion I’ll dabble in other crafts and end up making a planter out of doll heads. Most of my inspiration is satire based off my upbringing, culture, surroundings, and personal experiences. My heritage and relationships fuel a lot of inspiration in my creative endeavors so you can expect to see a lot of nods towards my filipino/Japanese roots or artistic nudes of my friends” - Alyssa Gilman

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