Lake Davis Guided Fly Fishing Trips
Lake Davis Guided Fly Fishing Trips

Lake Davis Guided Fly Fishing Trips

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Lake Davis is located in Plumas County and is part of the Plumas National Forest. This fishery was once known for trophy brown trout and rainbow trout until they found pike in the lake. In 2007, they eradicated all fish in the lake and once they determined that there were no more pike in the lake, began stocking efforts to repopulate the lake. 

Since the lake has been repopulated, we are seeing the return of large rainbow trout throughout the year. Catching a fish over 24" can happen here and it's a wonderful place to escape the crowds and find your own cove. 

Brown trout planting started a few years ago and they are making a come back. Don't be surprised if this place becomes another trophy destination for weary browns in the coming years.

We fish this lake in our boat and cruise around to find feeding fish. It's also known for it's damsel fly hatch which can go from spring to summer. Once the water gets too warm for these fish(67 degrees and above), we lay off of them until fall (usually mid September).

There are really awesome local camping spots nearby and also local cities with housing as well. Please reach out to us if you have any questions on where to stay.

  • A full day is usually 7-8 hours. This trip includes lunch, drinks, flies, fly rods, and reels.
  • A half day is usually 4-5 hours. Half days do not include lunch but do include drinks, flies, fly rods, and reels. It is suggested that you bring snacks during a half day trip. 
  • View the calendar here for dates that are available for booking.
  • Please specify the desired dates of your trip in the notes during checkout OR contact Taco Fly Co. at or at 408-838-6047 after the line item is paid for to schedule a day.
  • A confirmation email with the trip details will be sent once a date is selected. If no date is selected, Taco Fly Co. will reach out to you to confirm a date for booking.


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