Dixie Fire Relief Links

Hello and thank you for coming to this page. Please feel free to click on any of the links below to help those that are affected or displaced by the Dixie Fire in California. The fire has blown through my county and has taken out some towns and areas that are dear to me and our community. Plumas Strong and much love.

- Mario Guel

Carl, Izzy, & Baby Gideon out of Greenville. I love this little family. Gideon is their new little light and he’s gonna be a ripper. They have really big hearts and lost almost all of it. Even with what they’ve encountered, they continue to have high spirits. Show them some love please.

The Almanor Foundation Wildfire Relief Fund

The Almanor Foundation Wildfire Relief Fund, a sub fund the Almanor Foundation, provides emergency relief and support through grants to nonprofits and agencies primarily supporting Plumas County residents impacted by wildfires.  Donations can be made directly on their site at

Dixie Fire- Rebuild Greenville, CA

Jose from Jose’s Tacos in Greenville. I consider Jose a friend and he has an awesome family who served good tacos.


Links for people in Indian Falls (All confirmed to be legit)

Some links from our friend Jac - Confirmed legit - Friends of hers are friends of ours.

If you have a link that you'd like for me to share, please email